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Risk Assessment

The asbestos risk assessment process is split up into the three stages outlined below.

To enable us to provide you with a competitive asbestos risk assessment quotation we first establish whether more than one survey type will be required, e.g. a management survey for most of the premises, but a refurbishment survey in one building or part of a building?

We then collect all the necessary relevant information on the property to ensure that the survey will meet the your requirements. For large complex building we would plan to have a preliminary site meeting and have a walk-through inspection. However, pre-site visits are not necessary for smaller premises, and in these circumstances enough information can be gathered through other means to allow us to submit a quotation.

Once we have arranged a convenient time and day with you the asbestos survey will take place, ‘management surveys’ can take place without any disruption to your day to day business.

The surveys will be carried out methodically, systematically and diligently to make sure ACMs are not missed and all areas of the premises are inspected.
With large complex building, plans (if available) will be used to prepare the survey strategy and for checking progress through the premises.

We pride ourselves on our ‘user friendly’ reporting format, and each ACM, whether identified by asbestos sample analysis or presumed will be identified on a separate page in the ‘Results and Analysis’ section of the asbestos report, including a detailed description of location, asbestos type, condition, the identified risk and a high quality photograph.

We realise the need for a prompt turnaround, and all reports are available within 5 working days after the completion of the asbestos risk assessment survey. We can supply you with the asbestos report to be delivered electronically as a .pdf, and we can also provide a thermally bound printed copy at no extra cost if required.

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